First Baptist Christian Academy desires that our secondary students be informed and aware of the nature and consequences of plagiarism.


To that end we require our English students, including those in dual credit, to watch a PowerPoint tutorial regarding plagiarism and follow up with a quiz that will be signed by both the student and parent.  This is a required assignment for all secondary students.


A set of tutorials produced by Mt. Lebanon School District in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania ( ) does an excellent job of defining and explaining plagiarism and how a person can either intentionally or unintentionally plagiarize.  Therefore, we direct you to the web links included below for the appropriate tutorials and the FBCA quiz (adapted from the Mt. Lebanon quiz with their permission).


Please refer to your FBCA English teacher for further information or date requirements.  Those students enrolled in a dual credit English class should refer to their FBCA Social Studies teacher.


Check out Mt. Lebanon School District's Plagiarism Lessons:


For those of you who wish to view an additional explanation of the same material,


The FBCA quiz, submitted to English or Social Studies teachers as noted above, is found below:



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