Secondary Chromebook Order
and Registration
2021 - 2022

Students entering Grades 7-12 must own a Chromebook for their daily use at school.  This device may have one the Chrome OS system.  Laptops with a Windows operating system or Apple devices such as Macbooks or iPads do not meet this FBCA technology requirement (see limited exception – Option 5).  Please select on of the five options presented no later than June 20, 2021.

Students may comply with:


RENEWING PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED (ONLY IF YOU PURCHASED FROM FBCA) CHROMEBOOK with the Secondary Office within three days of the start of school.  No charge.  If you purchased the Chromebook from FBCA during 2020-21 and asked to remove the management software, you will have to selection Option 2.


Submitting a CHROMEBOOK PURCHASED FROM AN OUTSIDE VENDOR   for registration and installation of management software. 

  • Chromebooks purchased from an outside vendor or those which were not under FBCA management for the 2020-21 academic year, must be brought to the Secondary Office for registration and installation of software.
  • A fee of $50 is charged for this process. 
  • Chromebooks not brought to the office within the first three days of school for registration/installation will be blocked from the network and students will be subject to disciplinary action.
OPTION 3: - no longer available

Purchasing a USED CHROMEBOOK from FBCA. 

  • These Chromebooks have been previously used by our junior high students. FBCA  makes no guarantee concerning their remaining lifespan. 
  • These devices are sold “as is” and have no warranty protection. Parents may inspect the Chromebook before purchase. FBCA will not repair damaged devices.  Should the Chromebook stop working within 90 days of purchase, the school will replace the Chromebook with another used Chromebook from available inventory if the device failure is not linked to damage occurring after purchase. 
OPTION 4: - no longer available

Purchasing a NEW CHROMEBOOK from FBCA with or without extended warranty. 

  • New Chromebooks may be ordered through FBCA as a cost of $400 (in full or over four monthly payments).
  • These devices come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty (specific terms and conditions provided during ordering process) and an option to purchase extended warranty protection at the time the order is placed.
  • Lifespan of the Chromebook may depend upon how carefully the student treats the device. FBCA will not repair damaged devices and assumes no liability. 
  • Orders must be placed by June 20. If a  Chromebook does not arrive in time for the start of school, FBCA will provide a used Chromebook from available inventory until it does arrive. 

Submitting a NON-CHROMEBOOK DEVICE PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED AND APPROVED FOR SCHOOL USE during the 2020-21 school year for installation of management software.  This option applies ONLY to students entering Grades 10-12..  If you aren’t sure about your device, send an email to with student name.

    • Students entering Grades 10-12 who were approved for use of a non-Chromebook device for the 2020-21 school year may submit their device for software installation.
    • Only devices previously registered with FBCA by the requesting student are eligible.  (school office has a record of such devices)
    • Devices not brought to the office within the first three days of school for registration/installation will be blocked from the network and students will be subject to disciplinary action.

CHROMEBOOK MINIMUM SPEC if you are purchasing your own

FBCA students will use their chromebooks for daily google classroom related activities and access Office 365 applications.  When you are purchasing a chromebook, please make sure it runs Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  Every student has full access to office 365 by going to using their email address and the assigned password.  If they can’t remember, send me an email at

Memory (RAM) –  We recommend at least 4GB of RAM.

Screen size – Personal preference. Select a size that’s comfortable for your student to work during the day as well as carrying it back and forth between school and home.

While touchscreens are not necessary,  touchscreens and 2-in-1 models that can be converted to tablet modes often add to ease of use.

Processor (CPU) –  Chromebooks based on Intel Core CPUs like the Core i3 and the Core i5 will be more versatile for robust multitasking.  This is important if your student wants to run multiple tasks.

Storage –   Each student accounts are configured with 1TB of cloud storage and most of the student files are stored on google drive and/or Onedrive. Chromebooks configured with 32GB is sufficient.   If you think more space on the device is needed, look for an SD card slot to add expanded storage.

Battery – Battery should last all day, which is at least 8 hours.

Connectivity – WiFi connection is necessary. Bluetooth connection if your student prefers a mouse..

ChromeOS Updates – Every Chromebook has an expiration date on which Google stops supporting the device. Choose the Chromebook with the latest end of life date with the specifications you need.  Newer Chromebook will guarantee that your student will be able to use the device for next few years.

Make and Model – FBCA have purchased HP, Lenovo and Dell brands that are designed for the educational use, which comes with sturdier cover.  FBCA does not require any particular make and model, as long as it’s a chromebook and can handle the day to day student use.

P.S.  We do not know the exact model that will be purchased for 2021-22 year since that will depend on the number of orders requested.

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