The curriculum at FBCA  is standards based.  Curriculum resources are a mixture of the best materials available centered upon the Word of God.  ABeka and Bob Jones comprise the core of our curricular purchases.

The goal is not only the academic excellence of the student; but more importantly, the personal excellence of the student. The Bible tells us to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). Keeping this in mind, we attempt to instruct each child in the Christian way of life. Our day includes Bible classes, Scripture memorization and prayer. Throughout the day Bible truths are applied to day-to-day living and working with others.

Believing that reading is vital to learning, we teach according to the phonics method. Mathematics and Science teach the students that there is order and planning in God’s world. Students are instructed in Language Arts and handwriting so that neatness and order can enhance communicating with others. History is the story of God working out His plan on earth through man.

Chapel is held once a week and may be led by teachers, school principal and/or ministers. Students with questions concerning doctrinal teaching will be directed to their parents and/or pastor.


HONESTY:  I will not lie, cheat, or steal; nor will I tolerate those who do.

RESPECT:   I will be respectful and honor the Lord through my words, thoughts, actions, and deeds.

FAITHFUL:  I will be faithful in learning God’s word and growing the Fruit of the Spirit  

SELF-CONTROL:  I will strive control my actions and words and always strive to act in a way that honors the Lord.

DILIGENCE:  I will be diligent in learning and completing my work, in serving others, and using and developing the talents God have given me to fulfill His purpose for my life.

RESPONSIBILITY:  I will be responsible in my attitude towards learning, my behavior, and in managing my time and materials.


Dr. Jacqueline Shuman
Elementary Principal

Meet Dr. Shuman

Dr. Shuman possesses 29 years of experience in education and brings to our school an extensive background of professional training and experience.  She earned her educational doctorate in educational leadership from Lamar University, her masters’ degree in educational administration from the University of St. Thomas, and her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Houston.  She holds her state superintendent’s certification, state principal’s certification,  secondary mathematics lifetime certification, and her master mathematics teacher certification. 

After school CLUB and ACTIVITIES available for elementary students

ACSI Competitions

FBCA elementary students may participate in ACSI sponsored competitions. ACSI competitions include Math Olympics, Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, Art, and Choir competitions. Teachers serve as competition coordinators. Before or after school practices may be required.


  1. Any 6th grade student may try-out for a Junior High team if the coaches have determined the need for additional athletes. Coaches may opt to limit the number or playing time of 6th grade athletes on a team to concentrate on developing the athletic skills of upper classmen; however, if a 6th grade student “makes the team” coaches will make effort to provide playing time in game situations.

  2. Any 6th grade student may participate in junior high track. Practice occurs during P.E. Meets may be held after school or on Saturday. There is a sports fee for track.

  3. 5th and 6th grade boys may try out for the 5th/6th grade football team. Practice and games occur after school. There is a sports fee for football.

  4. All athletes are expected to contribute to the “team spirit” of their organization. All upper classmen are expected to set the correct example in guiding younger athletes to exhibit a Christ-like spirit toward both opponents and fellow team members.

  5. In order to participate in Grade 5/6 football, track or other extra-curricular activities, a student must pass all core subjects with at least a 70 average, maintain a good attendance record, and have no major disciplinary infractions

  6. Individual athletic clubs, such as wrestling or tennis, may be scheduled as coaches are available. 

Bible Club

  • Bible Club is designed for students in grades 3-6. 

Praise Team

  • Students interested in serving on the Praise Team for the elementary chapels will apply to participate. Praise Teams are led by teachers and, when possible, parent volunteers. For students who wish to serve on a Praise Team, after-school practice may be required.

Pom-Pom Squad

  • Girls in grades 5 and 6 who are interested in encouraging the 5th/6th grade football team and spectators at home games may sign up to learn chants and teamwork. No after school practice is required. 

Language Clubs

  • Individual teachers may schedule after school language clubs during the school year. .

Safety Patrol

  • Grade 6 students may apply for Safety Patrol. They must complete safety training with the supervisor. Students must be willing to arrive early to be in position when the car line begins. Students are expected to maintain a 70 or above average, good conduct, and demonstrate responsibility and leadership.
elementary activities photo


First Baptist Christian Academy is a ministry of First Baptist Church, Pasadena.  Our elementary program provides a safe, loving, and nurturing Christian environment where children enjoy learning.

We have an excellent preschool program to help children build a solid academic and spiritual foundation that promotes positive self-image and strong character.

In grades K-6, our program provides a full range of academic coursework. In the primary grades, priority is given to teaching phonics, reading and arithmetic skills.  All of the grades are given formal instruction in Bible, science, mathematics, social studies, reading, writing, spelling, and grammar.

Throughout the week, students participate in “specials” which include classes in art, music, computer, band (6th grade), library and physical education. The elementary grades focus on teaching the fundamental and foundational skills necessary for the development of the whole child.

Elementary chapel is held each Wednesday.   Messages focus on Biblical teaching to help students grow in their understanding of the Bible and develop strong Christian character traits.


The Bible curriculum for grades K-6 contains foundational Biblical teachings about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people, and His church. Students are given an overview of the Bible, with an emphasis on God’s attributes, biblical characters, the early Church, and what it means to know Jesus Christ and live for Him.


Students pray daily. They are taught to pray by offering praise and thanksgiving, as well as praying for their needs and the needs of others.


Students experience ministry by visiting and helping others in the community.  Examples:  Houston Food Bank, Norwegian Seamen’s Church, Police Station, Interfaith Caring Ministry.


Students in grades 1-6 attend two field trips a year.  Places they have visited are: Space Center Houston, Moody Garden in Galveston, Armand Bayou Nature Center, Houston Ballet or Symphony, Houston Natural Museum of Science, Houston Zoo, Galveston Sea Port Museum and Jumping World.


Pre K-3A BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaRecess
Pre K-4A BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaRecess
KinderA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaA BekaMusic, Library, Computer, PE
Grade 1BJU PressA BekaA Beka and Leveled ReadersA BekaZaner-BloserBJU PressBJU PressMusic, Library, Computer, PE, Art
Grade 2BJU PressBJU PressBJU Press/A Beka ReadingBJU PressZaner-BloserBJU PressBJU PressMusic, Library, Computer, PE, Art
Grade 3BJU PressBJU PressBJU Press and Selected NovelsBJU PressZaner-BloserBJU PressBJU PressMusic, Library, Computer, PE, Art
Grade 4BJU PressBJU PressBJU Press and Selected NovelsBJU PressZaner-BloserBJU Press/A BekaBJU PressMusic, Library, Computer, PE, Art
Grade 5BJU PressBJU PressBJU Press and Selected NovelsBJU PressZaner-BloserA BekaBJU PressMusic, Library, Computer, PE, Art
Grade 6BJU PressCengage, Big IdeasBJU Press and Selected NovelsBJU PressBJU PressBJU PressMusic, Library, Computer, PE, Art, Band