Technology 2021 - 22

*PS this is only for anyone who wishes to setup the Chromebooks before school begins. Software installation will be conducted during first 3 days of school for everyone else.
UPDATE as of Friday, July 9, 2021

I will be available on campus (secondary building, Cafetorium) on Wednesday July 14 and Monday July 19 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  This will be first come, first served.  If you are picking up a new/used Chromebook, it will take no more than 5 minutes.  If you are having the software installed, it may take 10-15 minutes or I may ask you to return later to pick it up depending what I need to do to your device.  If no one is waiting, I can answer any questions you may have.

After that, all the student devices will be serviced during first 3 days of school.

New students will receive the account information at the time.  If you would like to have the student login/password sooner, send me an email from your email account with student name and grade.  Once verified, I will send email the information to you. This also applies to the 7th graders.

P.S.  If you cannot make to the above 2 dates but  would like the monitoring software installed for safety issue, please email me and I will see if something can be arranged (no guarantee).  After all, our student safety is #1 priority.

I am a 10th-12th grader with non-Chromebook.  What should I do?

If you are on our approved list of non-Chromebook from 200-21,  you don’t need to do anything until school begins.  We will give specific instructions later.  We have a list of what device was used last year.  If you are not sure your device is on the list, email with the student’s name and grade.  If you are a 10th-12th grader with a Chromebook, your Chromebook will go thru the powerwash (reset) process and the managing software will be installed.

I’ve purchased a Chromebook from FBCA in 2020-21 but the management software has been removed.

We have a list of which Chromebooks had the licenses removed.   During first 3 days of school, we will check each of these devices and re-install the software.  How do I know if I had the license removed?  If it is properly licensed, you should see login screen at the start.  

I’ve purchased a Chromebook an outside vendor.  Can my child use it until the license has been installed or until the beginning of school?

Yes.  Before the managing software is installed, each Chromebook will go thru a process called powerwash  (reset).  Anything saved will be erased and the device will be managed by FBCA.  Only FBCA students will be allowed to login and their activities will be monitored. Parents will be given access to their child’s account anytime.  Student login information will be provided to the new students.

My student will be a 7th grader in 2021.  Can my student use the account from last year?

6th grade students have a login (email address) and a password that’s very simple to remember.  As a 7th grader, each student will keep their email address as login, but the passwords will change to more complicated password. 7th graders will also have the email accounts  (gmail) enabled.  Students will receive  their new password when they receive their Chromebook after having the license installed.

Are there benefits of having the management software installed before school begins?

This is up to the parents.  Once the software is installed, each student’s website history is recorded and the website activities are limited according to their grade levels.  For example, students are not able to access the desired video streaming sites, social media sites such as facebook, tiktok, gaming sites and others, not to mention categories FBCA see as unnecessary to education such as violence, hatred, other adult contents.  Youtube will be set for age appropriate or no access for junior high. Students are prohibited from signing into their personal gmail accounts. Contents will be released as they become necessary for school related activities.

Adult contents are filtered for the Chromebook users even if they are off campus.   This  option has been turned on incase families don’t have the filtering software at home or if the students are using their Chromebooks elsewhere.  Guest accounts that were offered to the high school students last year will not be available.  Chromebooks will be managed to accommodate activities that are necessary only for educational purposes.  However, due to constant changes in the Internet, we highly encourage the parents to monitor their student’s activities and notify with any concern.  We want our student’s Internet experience to be safe and teach them to be responsible their activities.

I, as a parent, would like to have access to my child’s account.  This is for both Google and Office 365.

Send an email to with your child’s name and grade from an email that’s in our database.  Once the email has been confirmed to be a parent email account, you will receive the information.