End of Year - Teachers

1.  If you have photos of our students on your personal phones (photos taken on campus or school related activities), it is now time to remove them.   As a presentative of FBCA, you used your personal cell phone to take photos for school related reasons and now that school ended for the year, they should be removed.

2.  FACTSmgt

  • After all the teachers upload report card grades and each principal gives the approval to issue report cards, access to the gradebooks will denied (June 4).  Any changes must be submitted to the principal’s for approval since they will be archived and processed for the end of year closure. 

3.  Google classroom:   (PLEASE REMEMBER FBCA’s immediate plan is to discontinue Distance Learning in AUGUST.  Reasons for using google classrooms have changed and it may change some of our functions).

  • Remove and unenroll students from your classes
    This will prevent students from  viewing the class or sharing the class with others so remove them before archiving.  
  •  Archive old classes
    Now the year is over you can archive your classes.  You can un-archive or create a new class next year.

    How to archive a class in Google Classroom:
              Go to classroom.google.com
    On the class card, click More then click Archive
              Click Archive to confirm.

  • Clean up your Google Drive
    Reorganize some files that you want to keep.  Do not get “delete happy” but consider deleting files you don’t need, such as student submissions or google meet recordings that’s taking up much space.

    * Students and teachers will not have access to the GOOGLE ACCOUNT during summer.  Accounts will be reactivated about 2 weeks prior to school begins.   Check your email for any updates. 

    P.S.  If you don’t unenroll/remove students from all your classes, they will still see them when they login to their accounts.  They can still take the information such as tests and quizzes and share with other students.   Also, it will just clutter their google classroom page.  You don’t really want them to see their new classes as well as all other previous classes, confusing them, do you?  Any forms or documents you have uploaded that you will use again don’t need to be removed or deleted.  They are not going to be deleted, only if you click and delete it.  However, this is a great time for you to organize your files.  

4  Return any additional laptops/chromebooks that were used for DIstance Learning this year to me, Tanisha or Denise.  We asked students to be responsible so we can ask same from the teachers.

5.  Make sure you know how to check your email during the summer break.  Some of you have your email on your phone and some of you don’t.   It is important that you know how to access your @fbcatx.org emails since any changes to technology related information and training will be emailed to you.   

6.  Some of you allotted for a new laptop will receive them before school is out, during summer or week before you return in August.  Some of you will be required to attend 30min training before receiving your new device.  For secondary teachers, you are asked to keep your current laptop until you are notified.  Your current laptops will be used recycled for our student use.

7.  DURING SUMMER BREAK:   you will not have access to GOOGLE and FACTS Class and Student information.  Since FBCA will not continue with Distance Learning in August, some of the google features will be disabled and released only per principal’s permission.  Your google password may be reset during the summer, if it’s necessary for me to clean out our school accounts.  Prior to returning to school in August, you will be notified of any account password changes.

8.  Teachers will still have full access to OFFICE 365.  Login and password is your email login.  You have full access to all 24 Microsoft applications.  If you purchase a personal computer, you can install Office 365 free for upto 5 devices.  

9.  If you can’t remember the link for checking emails or finding shared teachers drive,  go to our QUICK LINKS or you can email me or text me any time..