Lunch Program

Cindy Burkhalter

Elementary Lunch Coordinator

Carolyn RItthaler

Secondary Lunch Coordinator

LUNCH MENU - $6.50 (Meals include chips, drink, and fruit)

Other options available every day ($4.50):  peanut butter and jelly sandwich meal, peanut butter only sandwich meal, jelly only sandwich meal, cheese sandwich only meal, or (Elementary only) salad meal. Extra drinks and fruits are available for purchase.


Chick-fil-a Sandwich Meal


Elementary – Chuy’s Cheese or Chicken Quesadilla Meal
Secondary – Chicken Quesadilla or Grilled Chicken Salad Meal


Andy’s BBQ Chop Beef Sandwich or Chicken Strips Meal


Burger Tex Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Nuggets Meal


Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Meal (include salad, drink and fruit)

 All lunch orders are placed on-line thru FACTSmgt ParentsWeb.  


Secondary orders will be taken at the beginning of 2nd period.


  • Typically, you will be able to order lunch for the following month approximately one week prior. For example, for the month of September, you will be able to order beginning the last week of August to the last day of September. Starting last week of September, you will notice that the menu ordering options are available for the month of October.
  • You have until 8:00 am on the morning of lunch to place/change order. After 8:00 am, Mrs. Burkhalter finalizes the daily orders, close the daily online option and you will not be able to make any changes. If you have to make changes to your order or need assistance, please contact Cindy Burkhalter via EMAIL only at (please include student’s name and grade level in the email) Phone calls in the morning before 8:00 am are not guaranteed to be answered.
  • Please do not ask office staff or teachers to accept a late or change to the lunch order.
    Each day around 8:00 am, lunch orders are processed and charged to your account. If your request to cancel (email only) doesn’t arrive by 8:00 am, your account will be charged. No lunch order will be accepted after this time.
  • All meals include drink (milk,juice or bottled water) and an apple.
  • Peanut butter, PB&J, Jelly and Cheese sandwich meals with chips, drink and fruit are offered every day as meal choice or for those students who don’t have a lunch. Another daily option is a salad (choice of Ken’s Ranch or Newman’s Own Honey Mustard dressing), a small Slim Jim beef stick and/or cheese stick, chips, drink and an apple.
  • Water bottles are available for $1.00 each and can be charged to FACTSmgt account.
  • There is no credit for missed lunches for any absence, so please check your calendars for field trips, family vacations etc.
  • Login to your ParentsWeb account.
  • Select student Information from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select lunch.
  • Select your student’s name (if you have multiple elementary students).
  • Use the arrow in the blue bar (next to the month) to select the correct month’s lunch orders. You should see a calendar.
  • At the bottom of the calendar choose, create web order.
  • A list of lunch items will appear for your student or students. Enter the quantity next to each lunch item that you wish to purchase.
  • Review your order.
  • Once you have reviewed your order and have verified the price, select order Items.
  • Return to the same location if you wish to update or remove an order. You have until 8:00 AM of the lunch date to edit your selection.
  • Items you have ordered will be available under the lunch calendar and will be indicated in blue.
  • Blue items ordered and will be charged after the date.

If you are having difficulties ordering online, please contact the FBCA lunch coordinator, Mrs. Cindy Burkhalter, at