Each month a passage of scripture is selected by the Head of School for the students to memorize. Seventh through twelfth grade students will have no less than three school weeks to study and recite the Scripture for a Red Star.  The quiz and test schedule will be provided by the classroom teacher and will be posted on FACTSmgt lesson plans.  Students receive a blue star if the scripture is said after red star week. Scripture is worth a test grade.

A red star should be awarded if the student can say the scripture from memory without any help and with three or fewer mistakes. To avoid taking too much time, the teacher may want to restrict the child on the number of attempts per day. Usually it is easy to tell whether the student will be able to complete the scripture, and if it is clear that the student needs to practice more, the teacher may gently stop the student and ask him if he would like to practice some more and try again tomorrow. A blue star is awarded if the student says the scripture from memory after red star week or if he needs more help.  Helps should be limited to three or fewer prompts or corrections. If the student is unable to say the scripture with three or fewer helps, ask him to practice at home. Bible teachers will keep an ongoing monthly record of red and blue stars for students in their gradebooks and on a star chart.

If students enroll after the beginning of the year, they may receive the Red Star Award if they say red star scripture on time from the date they enroll and they must say at least six months scripture. If they enroll for the last five months, then they would have to say one extra month’s scripture in May get the award. Students who receive all red stars will be awarded a red star trophy and receive a scripture certificate at the end of the year. Students who have a mixture of red and blue stars or all blue stars will receive a certificate. Students who recite all nine months of scripture at one time (Gold Star) with only one help per passage, and one or less mistakes per passage, receive a trophy at the end of the year.

We also have have some songs that were created to help students memorize their scripture! Click this link to check out the Scripture Memory Songs.