TO ALL STUDENTS: Starting Monday, September 13, students may not use their Chromebooks to go to websites or play games that are not school/classroom related. Students are also prohibited to watch videos that have not been assigned by teachers. Browsing history will be checked and any violators will be issued demerits. If you accidentally go to a site that have not been assigned, send an email to me so I know it was an accident. (email me at Mrs. Muller

Hello, Warrior!

Just a Reminer:

Each student has agreed to the Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy with the issued student account.

  • You are responsible for every website you visit.  History of visits will be randomly checked.
  • If you’ve come across blocked websites and it’s necessary for your school work,  send an email to with the website and the reason needing the access or come to the secondary office and look for Mrs. Muller.
  • You are not allowed to change your google password.  If you feel your password has been compromised, send an email to

Your Office 365 login and password is same as your Google.  If you have a problem with your account, send an email to

Office 365 is where you will find Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and other APPS you are authorized to use.   You can save your files in ONEDRIVE. 

If asked, our district code is:
This for checking your lesson plans, attendance, test, quizzes and other information.  If you have never logged in,  click Forgot User Name/Password? 

  • enter FBCA-TX for district code
  • enter your email address